Kentucky Community and Technical College System
Community and Economic Development : Kentucky Employability Certificate (KEC)
"WorkKeys and the Kentucky Employability Certificate provide workers, educators, and businesses with effective tools
Ken Oilschlager
that provide a common language, common standard and portable credentials. From the business community's perspective, we must have workers with the right skill sets to compete in the global economy... And the WorkKeys system helps us fill the critical skills gaps."

Ken Oilschlager
Immediate Past President and CEO, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
Chair, Kentucky Workforce Investment Board
The Kentucky Employability Certificate is a portable credential that uses a common language and objective metric to convey the level of skills that a person has, compared to the level of skills that a position/job requires. This allows business and educational organizations to speak the same "language" in what they want from Kentucky's workforce. This ensures that individuals receiving this certification have the skills that employers are looking for when hiring or promoting employees.

The Kentucky Employability Certificate utilizes the WorkKeys® assessment tests developed by ACT, a nationally recognized leader in educational testing. ACT is most well known for their college entrance exam, which measures a person's potential to succeed in the academic world. Likewise, the WorkKeys® system measures a candidate's potential to succeed in the business/working world. The WorkKeys® system is an innovative approach to bridging the skills gap in the workplace. WorkKeys® is a national system for documenting and improving generalizable workplace skills. WorkKeys® empowers individuals to make more informed career decisions.

How do I get a KEC?