Kentucky Community and Technical College System
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PeopleSoft Student Account Creation Instructions

Creating Your PeopleSoft Student Account
  1. Have your student ID number available.
    It is a nine digit number that begins with "00."

  2. Use Internet Explorer web browser to visit (opens in new window).

  3. Select the "New Account Activation (under Applicants & Students)" link.

  4. Enter your last name and your nine-digit student ID.

  5. Select "Sign In." Your name should then appear on the screen. Select "yes" if it is correct.

  6. Print the page with your account information so you will have it for future reference.
    If you do not have access to a printer, make sure you write down your username (example: jsmith0004) and your email address (example:

  7. Set your password.
    The password must be 8 characters long. It must include uppercase (A-Z) and lowercase (a-z) characters AND numbers (0-9) or symbols. It cannot include your name.

  8. Blackboard log-in is
Accessing Your Student Records and Registering for Classes
  1. Before logging into Student Self Service, Windows Vista users should uncheck "Use TLS 1.0" in Internet Explorer's Tools menu -> Internet Options -> Advanced tab.

  2. Use Internet Explorer web browser to visit (opens in new window).

  3. Select LOGIN HERE.

  4. Enter your USERID using all capital letters (created above) (ex, JSMITH0004).

  5. Enter your Password (created above).

  6. Select "SA Self Service."
    • Learner Services gives you access to your academic and financial records.
    • Personal Portfolio gives you access to your "to do" list and any holds that have been placed on your account.

  7. For Learner Services:
    1. Select "Home."
    2. Select "Learner Services" again.
      You will see a summary of all activities available on-line. You may also go directly to each item listed in the summary by selecting SA Self Service, Learner Services, and the appropriate link:

      • Finances
        View account summary, anticipated financial aid and make credit card payments (You may use the link to the federal financial aid web site, FAFSA, and to the National Student Loan site, NSLDS.)
      • Catalog
        View course descriptions and class schedules.
      • Academics
        View schedules, grades, advisor information, recorded incoming transfer credit, open classes and access to online registration.

  8. For Personal Portfolio:
    1. Select Personal Portfolio.
    2. Select Tasks
    3. Select To Do List
      You will see a summary list of items you need to address. Click the listed item for details and actions required for handling each item. You may reply to the email address listed on the detail page.
    4. Select Return to go back to previous screens
    5. Select Tasks
    6. Select Holds
      If applicable, you will see holds placed on your record when you need to take action. Ex: the business office may place a financial hold when charges remain unpaid for lengthy periods of time.
When you are finished browsing your records or registering on-line, close the browser to prevent others from accessing your information.