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President's Leadership Seminar -- Information


"I learned that you can lead no matter where you are or what kind of person you are."

The KCTCS President's Leadership Seminar (PLS) is a professional development experience designed for the participants to explore topics such as leadership traits, national issues and trends, professionalism, media relations and customer service. PLS participants learn first-hand about cutting-edge issues in leadership from national experts by interacting with these leaders in a collegial, small-group setting while focusing on real-life leadership issues and challenges. Intensive Seminar experiences are supported by a year-long online course led by President McCall.

(I feel a) "renewed responsibility to go back and be a leader where I am"

President's Leadership Seminar meeting.


The KCTCS President's Leadership Seminar promotes and strengthens leadership in and among KCTCS faculty and staff to advance the community and technical college system strategic plan.

Who Should Apply

Any KCTCS faculty or staff member interested in developing a stronger leadership role in KCTCS should apply. Up to thirty applicants may be selected to participate.

"I appreciate how important it is to be a part of community colleges and how they can make a difference in peoples' lives."


The PLS online course begins in late August, in preparation for the Fall Intensive Seminar in September. Participants will complete assigned readings and writing before the September session and will participate on teams/ committees and/or projects at the system level after the seminar.

"To discover new lands you have to be willing to be away from shore for long time. (PLS) has helped to create the boat for the journey"

Application and Selection Process

Application materials and complete directions are available here (MS Word).

  • Complete the Application/ Commitment Form, including signatures from your President/CEO
  • Write an essay addressing your goals and leadership within KCTCS
  • Provide copies of the recommendation form and directions to designated references
  • Submit completed application packet to the System Office by the yearly deadline.

Upon acceptance, PLS class members must submit a photo and short biography.

Returning applicants (applicants who have applied in the previous two years): In addition to applicant materials, PLS classes are selected to meet a balance of geographic factors, roles, demographics, skills, goals, and other characteristics. Highly qualified applicants may not always be selected upon initial application due to their fit within the desired overall class profile. For this reason, PLS applications remain on file for three years; applicants may be considered for the next two PLS classes without the need to reapply. Returning applicants should submit a new recommendation from their president, address any additional questions on the application, and request that their application be reconsidered; there is no need to complete the rest of the application process. Return applicants may also update their application each year, if they choose, or may withdraw from future consideration if desired.

Comments from previous participants

"It changed my life and my perspective on leadership. I never really viewed myself as a leader, but now I can see myself in that role."... "It truly was a life-changing experience."

"This has reaffirmed my belief that what I do really does make a difference."

"This is all about building a better system. It made me more appreciative of the System, but it was but also about us and the opportunity to develop ourselves personally -- to be the leaders that we want to be."

"I came expecting to learn about leadership, I didn't come expecting to be able to observe leadership in the ways that we did. That has helped me grow tremendously."

Participant Commitments

In addition to attending the seminar, each participant is expected to:

  • do assigned readings and preparation;
  • complete all on-line activities in the PLS course throughout the year
  • participate on teams/committees and/or projects at the system level;
  • participate in all follow-up activities, including the Spring Intensive Seminar, throughout 2010-2011.

KCTCS System Office Commitments

The System Office will:

  • call upon PLS graduates to perform duties and assignments on systemwide teams and/or projects;
  • will reimburse travel expenses for the seminar as set forth in the KCTCS travel/meal reimbursement policy;
  • facilitate the PLS course and online activities

To learn more about the President's Leadership Seminar:

  • Talk with former PLS participants on your campus. (Note that PLS has changed over time, however.)
  • Contact System Office Professional Development at 859-256-3253.