Kentucky Community and Technical College System
Teaching and Learning Support Services

Master Teacher Seminar

The Master Teacher Seminar is designed for experienced faculty to share successful/innovative teaching practices in which they have been involved and to explore a teaching challenge for which they are seeking a solution.

KCTCS Teachers in the classroom.

Purpose/Goal of the program:

"Great Teacher Seminars" operates in the USA and Canada, the participants in this seminar are indeed the primary resources of the workshop. What they learn, they learn from one another. There are no outside experts. Presenters and discussion leaders are drawn from within their own ranks. Moreover the informal social and re-creational settings are designed for learning as well. Participants are grouped with those who have a common interest to discuss teaching/learning concerns.

When It's Held:

August: nomination packets to colleges September: College participant selection sent to System Office October: Master Teacher Seminar

Who Can/Should Apply/Participate:

Experienced KCTCS faculty - two from each of the 16 KCTCS colleges

Criteria for Selection:

Selection made by the college Academic Dean

Participant Obligations:

Participants are asked to prepare a paragraph/half-page description of a successful teaching strategy in which they have been engaged, and prepare a paragraph/half-page description of a teaching/learning challenge with which they wish to find better ways to cope. Additionally participants are asked to bring one especially thought provoking book (or article) on teaching/learning for temporary inclusion in the seminar library.

Cost to Individual/Institution:

Funded through System office grants

Whom to Contact:

System Office POD Unit