Faculty and Staff

KCTCS Administrative Policies and Procedures

SECTION 2 Human Resources Related Policies - Table of Contents Employment Status Categories Faculty Tenured Employment Status Faculty Tenure-Track Employment Status Term Contract Employment Status Continued Employment Status Continuing Employment Status "Status" Employment Status "At Will" Employment Status Kentucky Community and Technical College System Employment Employee Rights and Responsibilities Employment under the KCTCS Personnel System Employment of Former University of Kentucky Community College System Employees Transferred to KCTCS: Adoption of Personnel Rules Pursuant to KRS 164.5807 (3) and (4) Employment of Former KRS151B/18A Employees Transferred to KCTCS: Adoption of Personnel Rules Pursuant to KRS 164.5805 (1)(e) Employment of Former University of Kentucky/Lexington Community College Transferred to KCTCS: Adoption of Personnel Rules Pursuant to Kentucky House Joint Resolution 214 Duration Categories and Time Worked Categories for Employees Duration Categories Time Worked Categories Duration and Time Worked Categories: Benefits Eligibility

2.1 Faculty, Faculty Rank, And Faculty Titles

2.1.2 Full-Time Faculty Librarians (Faculty) Counselors (Faculty)
2.1.3 General Criteria for Ranks (KCTCS Facuty Hired 2004 and Thereafter; All Other Full-Time Faculty Who Select This Criteria) Instructor or Lecturer Assistant Professor Associate Professor Professor Review Periods - (All Eligible Faculty)
2.1.4 Types of Appointment Applicable to All Faculty Visiting Professors Voluntary Faculty Part Time Faculty - (Less Than Full-Time) Emeritus Professors Retired Faculty Employment
2.1.5 Failure to Support Administrative Action for Promotion (All Eligible Faculty)

Attachment A General Criteria for Ranks (Faculty Hired in Former UK Personnel System or Prior to 2004 in a Community College)

Attachment B General Criteria for Ranks (Faculty Hired in Former Kentucky TECH System or Prior to 2004 in a Technical College)

2.2 Emeritus Status for College Presidents

2.3 KCTCS Search / Appointment / Orientation

2.3.1 Faculty Recruitment and Search for Faculty Open Meetings Law
2.3.2 Faculty Appointment and Assignment Periods
2.3.3 Orientation

2.4 KCTCS Personnel Records

2.4.1 Responsibility for Faculty Personnel Records

2.4.2 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) System Document Imaging and Capture Responsibilities and Processes

2.5 KCTCS Performance Review

2.5.1 Performance Planning and Evaluation Criteria for Evaluation of Faculty for Appointment and Promotion; Criteria for Evalution of Staff Position Responsibilities Internal Service-Institutional Service External Service-Community Service Professional Development Activities Educational Leadership/Leadership Standardized Performance Planning and Evaluation Form Descriptive Performance Rating Categories Performance Planning and Evaluation Process Faculty Biennial Ratings Evaluation Appeals Evaluation Appeals Schedule Evaluation Input/Outcome English Language Assessment Librarian Evaluation
2.5.2 Evaluation of Significant Accomplishments

2.6 Promotion in Rank

2.6.1 Definition of Faculty Eligible for Promotion in Rank
2.6.2 Promotion in Rank Process (All Eligible Faculty) Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor or Professor Promotion from Instructor to Assistant Professor Failure to Support Administrative Action for Promotion Promotion Committees Promotion Timelines

2.6.3 KCTCS Rank and Promotion Guidelines for Term Contract Faculty Definition Process Timeline

2.8 KCTCS Employee Separation

2.8.1 Non-Renewal of Appointment
2.8.2 Termination Procedures Considerations of Academic Freedom Administrative Leave
2.8.3 Resignation
2.8.4 Retirement

2.10 Faculty and Staff Tuition Assistance

2.10.1 Dependent/Spouse Tuition Waiver
Attachment A KCTCS Sponsored Employee Development

2.11 Work Load

2.11.1 Work Load KCTCS Colleges Teaching Duties Non-Teaching Duties Faculty Consulting and Other Overload Employment Outside the KCTCS Colleges KCTCS Colleges Approval Procedure Special Considerations Regarding Faculty Consulting and Other Overload Assignment Internal Faculty Overload

2.11.3 KCTCS Outside Employment Running for or Serving in Elective or Appointive Office

2.14 Leaves of Absence
2.14.1 Faculty and Staff Vacation Leave Faculty Vacation Leave Staff Vacation Leave Terminal Vacation Pay Faculty Terminal Vacation Pay Staff Terminal Vacation Pay
2.14.2 Faculty and Staff Sick/Temporary Disability Leave Conversion of Staff Temporary Disability (Sick) Leave KCTCS Family and Medical Leave Policy Unpaid Medical Leaves of Absence Sick Leave Pool Sick Leave Sharing Program
2.14.3 Unauthorized Absences or Leaves
2.14.4 Voting Leave
2.14.5 Political Leave
2.14.6 KCTCS Sabbatical Leave
2.14.7 Educational Leave
2.14.8 Scholarly Fellowship Leave
2.14.9 Holiday Leave
2.14.10 Military Leave of Absence
2.14.11 Special/Other Leave
2.14.12 Emergency Closings
2.14.13 Institutional Closings
2.14.14 Bereavement Leave

2.14.15 Jury Duty

2.14.16 Court Appearances

2.15 KCTCS Classification and Compensation Administration
2.15.1 Wage and Salary Administration Pay Cycle Mandatory Deductions from Paycheck Employee Organization Dues Deduction Direct Payroll Deposit Error in Pay Wage Garnishments Computing Pay Compensation for Overtime Worked

2.15.2 Employment Actions Initial Employment Promotion Reclassification Reassignment Salary Adjustment Lateral Transfer Acting Assignments Conversion or Transfer from a Staff Position to a Faculty Position Conversion or Transfer from a Non-Tenure Faculty Position to a Staff Position Pay Band Changes/Adjustment Demotion Separation Proration of Salary for Faculty Members Separating Employment Appointments and Assignment Periods Ten-Month and Eleven-Month Staff Assignment Periods Faculty Salary Conversion Related to a Change in Assignment Period Reduction in Force Reemployment Exceptions

2.15.5 Shift Differential Informal Personnel Dispute Resolution Procedures Faculty Appeals through the KCTCS Senate Advisory Committee on Appeals (KCTCS Senate ACA) KCTCS Complaint Resolution Procedure

2.18 Employment Selection
2.18.1 Pre-employment Background Check
2.18.2 Credit Investigation
2.18.3 Driver's License and Driving Record
2.18.4 Health Examinations
2.18.5 New Employee Orientation and Training

2.19 Attendance/Hours of Work
2.19.1 Flex-Time
2.19.2 Work Schedule
2.19.3 Work Arrival and Departure
2.19.4 Reporting to Work
2.19.5 Rest Periods
2.19.6 Meal Periods

2.19.7 KCTCS Job Abandonment Policy

2.20 Core Values and Ethical Conduct Policy

2.20.1 Ethical Values and Principles
2.20.2 Code of Conduct
2.20.3 Reporter Protection

Appendix 1
Former KRS 151B Employees Transferred To KCTCS Under KRS 164.5805(1)(e)
Former KRS 18A Employees Transferred To KCTCS Under KRS 164.5805(1)(e)