KCTCS Catalog 2010-2011

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Applied Engineering Technology

The Applied Engineering Technology curriculum (AET) introduces students to basic experimental engineering principles and concepts by applying contemporary skills and knowledge in a variety of employment positions based on industry needs. It provides students with a strong foundation of engineering practices to stimulate their interest by using a problem-solving approach in state-of-the-art laboratories. It builds leadership, management, communication skills, and professional ethics, which serve as a foundation for future development and career success. The program contains core technical courses and advanced courses in each specialization to address the employment needs of a global market. The degree consists of seven Associate in Applied Science degree specializations: 1) Automated Manufacturing, which emphasizes rapid manufacturing and computer numerical control programming; 2) Electromechanical, which is a multi-disciplinary program combining information technology and electro-mechanical systems (maintenance, electricity, computers, hydraulics/pneumatics, machining or fabrication, diagnostics and repair, etc.); 3) Mechatronics Systems, which is a multi-disciplinary program emphasizing cross-functional knowledge skills in both mechanical and electrical systems; 4) Electronics Engineering, which emphasizes advanced concepts in electronics as it applies to electronic control circuitry and high frequency applications in the digital and microwave communication industry, particularly those driven by military and government contracts; 5) PLC Programmer, which introduces advanced concepts in PLC programming including networking of PLC’s and the writing, debugging, documenting, and implementing of PLC programs utilizing both ladder logic and more advanced languages such as Instruction List, Structured Text, etc.; 6) Instrumentation, which emphasizes process monitoring, control and industrial automation using analog and digital control systems for chemical and manufacturing industries; and 7) Alternative Energy, which emphasizes the practical study and implementation of solar, wind, geo-thermal and bio-fuel technologies.

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